Orellio have just entered the market with an innovative new product that securely and discreetly holds your standard headphones or Air Pods in place, preventing them from falling out when on the go and during sporting activities. A great idea!


Very well designed, built and the first of their kind, the Orellio Pod Clips are sure to make a noise in the market so keep an eye out!


We were recommended to Orellio to develop the look and feel of their brand, something solid that they could use as a base from which to launch a range of products. From initial concepts to final logo design and complete eCommerce web design and build, we took care of it all.


The logo is simple and clean, with a two part design that can lend its self to various applications, such as small scale product engraving and packaging. The website build has been somewhat more involved with specific requirements to adhere to and an easy to use global shop feature.


An official launch of all the above by the end of Summer 2019, so watch this space.






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